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                1+1+100 Detail design
                · Hong Kong international famous designer and founder: Easan Hong
                · National outstanding interior architect: Mr. Zheng Jun wei
                ·HHD-Benzs have an international experienced,more than hundreds and big professional design team,in order design creative project that new value
                ONE TIME Time Management System
                · ONE TIME Wartime style time management system
                · Finish the task on time efficiently
                · Completed on time
                International office management standard system
                · Use of the office of the international famous office management company to set up
                  the system
                · Application of international quality system in the design of the whole process of
                  com mand management
                · Ensure the rational operation of the enterprise, function streamline,
                  efficient operation
                S-Light Professional design system
                · Benzs’s Unique lighting energy saving and human emotion design system
                · In the space design process, integrate into the lighting scene design
                · Use energy-saving lighting, and Create the perfect office
                Benzs’s Equipment command system
                · Benzs has formed a strategic alliance with the leading authority in all fields
                · Such as environmental protection, energy saving, intelligent, music, art, lighting
                · Design office area, research and development office products
                · Optimize design, improve efficiency, ensure quality
                Point touch material cost control service system 
                · Set professional cost by the method of one in a million
                · Using point touch material cost control service system
                · Control the cost effectively through controlling the lowest cost
                · Choose the most reasonable material of color, texture, texture, quality
                5A Service system
                A1. Benzs’s office Exclusive brand design
                A2. HHD Holiday Oriental international brand
                A3. LIVING The design of brand jointly support
                A4. KINGBIRD Art accessories brand
                A5. Professional audio of Lee Fung for 20 years
                Signing a contract, will enjoy 5 professional services
                Depth quality management system
                · The No.1 office design enterprise to import ISO into China and strictly implement
                · Always insist on quality management procedures, rigorous work attitude throughout the
                  whole process of the project
                · Our designers are outstanding, they are better than the international counterparts
                · Design are intricately linked, we cooperate with each other to complete the enterprise
                  office design
                300% Security service system
                · Benzs’s exclusive 300% security service consultants throughout the office design
                · Providing the service of brand image consultant, marketing consultant, VIP
                  operation writing consultant services three times
                · Guarantee the enterprise's high standard, high quality and high profit
                Explore business objectives and work style
                · Our team understands our customer through intensive exploration process, and special
                · Demonstrate the cultural of our customer’s corporate, business trends and technical
                · Optimizing at the beginning, Reasonable design, avoid time consuming
                omprehensive sustainable development
                · We use sustainable space, materials, energy, and resources.
                · To create a healthy, safe, efficient and attractive working space for our customers
                · Helping our customers go into the way of comprehensive sustainable development.
                · Enhance brand awareness, attract more excellent talents
                Office building renovation design
                · Either now or in the future, we will build a complete understanding of the customer's
                · Assessment of all the influencing factors carefully, based on models of several programs,
                  using the most advanced technology
                · To enable customers change the plan at any time, and ensure the maximum flexibility of
                  office design