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                Well-known skin care company Murad, assisted by Shubin + Donaldson Architects team in El Segundo, California, to create a new hea...
                OSO Architecture team MetGlobal online travel company in Istanbul, Turkey created a new office. This office can accommodate 325 e...
                Singapore architectural firm SCA Design, 2014 this summer to build a new Singapore Stock Exchange. The project is located in Shen...

                Greater China Region (SZ)

                Add : First floor neighbor Ding Sheng Shan No. 72 North Long zhu Road

                Nanshan District Shenzhen city Guangdong province

                Tel : 0755- 8671 3623

                MB : 138 2746 4632

                Fax : 0755-2660 3977

                Email : BZ@benzs.net

                Asia Pacific headquarters (HongKong)

                Add : Room 307-308, 3 floor, innovation center,

                No.72 Kowloon road, Kowloon tong, Hong Kong.

                Tel : 00852-2153 9833    00852-6876 8097

                Fax :00852-2153 9836